As a professional speaker, we share our journey to giving birth to the 20th set of pygopagus conjoined twins in the world alive.   Look at us now!


Today the girls are juniors in high school - playing hockey and rugby but most importantly loving life.  We would love to speak to your group. 


There she was up on stage on national television competing in the Miss USA pageant. She came home and began a career in the legal field and went on to marry the man of her dreams. Emily Stark was beautiful, successful and happy. She had the world by the tail. When she became pregnant she thought her life was finally complete as she and her husband James embarked on a new adventure – as parents. Everything changed when the ultrasound revealed not only twin girls, but that they were joined at the base of their spine. This time is what Emily calls her “awakening.”

In 2002, when Lexi and Syd were just 14 months old, Emily competed for and won the prestigious Mrs. Colorado America state competition. The title gave her the opportunity to share her message of hope and optimism on a much larger platform to organizations all across Colorado. After capturing the state crown she went on to compete at the nationally televised Mrs. America Pageant in Honolulu, Hawaii, where she placed as a top ten finalist.


Things happen. They can happen to anyone. There’s little time for questions. Things need to be done. Decisions need to be made. Choices that last a lifetime. Where do you turn? We can’t do it alone. We need brilliant doctors. We need each other. We need our friends and family. Above all, we need God. Our children are connected. We are all connected.

Through the successful separation and the challenging aftermath, Emily Stark developed a new perspective on life – a perspective born of adversity, love, resilience, acceptance and appreciation.  It is not easy being a mom, let alone a mom with children with medical conditions. 

Now, 16 years later, Emily Stark is the mother of two independent teenage girls along with the addition of their brother.   Lexi and Syd now have the world, and their parents, by the tail.

Emily Stark has taken her experiences and perspective and shares them with audiences across North America. Her emotional experiences combine with her heartfelt style to delight and encourage audiences to appreciate and achieve against the odds.